2017 AW2SCS season dates announced

The dates for the 2017 Australian Women’s Tier 2 Show Case Series (AW2SCS) have been announced. The 2017 season will feature five series, increasing from three in 2016, and will be split into two separate divisions. The East Division will feature the Canberra Pirates, New South Wales Bombers and the newly formed Brisbane Blaze. The Western Division will consist of the Melbourne Dragons (previously competing as two teams known as the White Dragons and Black Dragons), South Australian Valkyries and Western Australian Hawkettes. Both Divisions will compete in two series each before all six teams come together for the Finals series in Melbourne at the end of September.

The Tier 2 competition was setup in 2016 under the name of the Australian Women’s Tier 2 Ice Hockey League. The 2016 Series 1 included the Bombers, Pirates, Black Dragons and White Dragons and was won by the Bombers. Series 2 expanded to six teams to include the Hawkettes and Valkyries with the Hawkettes defeating the Bombers in the final 6-0. The final series of 2016 shrink back to a four team competition with the withdrawal of the Valkyries and the White Dragons and was won by the Hawkettes.

2017 schedule
East Division:
– Series 1: 8 April – 9 April 2017 (Canberra, ACT)
– Series 2: 22 July – 23 July 2017 (Gold Coast, QLD)

Western Division:
– Series 1: 29 April – 30 April 2017 (Perth, WA)
– Series 2: 12 August – 13 August 2017 (Adelaide, SA)

– 23 September – 24 September 2017 (Melbourne, VIC)

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