Melbourne Dragons 2018 roster

The Melbourne Dragons have announced their roster for the upcoming 2018 Australian Women’s Tier 2 Show Case Series. The Dragons begin their season on 24 March at the Phillip Ice Skating Centre.

Gabby Aston
Stephanie Bell
– Amanda Blondin
– Dana Ciernohorsky
– Shelly Clarkson
– Caroline Dean
– Lauren Diduszko
– Natalie Efimoff
– Debra Hansberry
– Lauren McNabb
– Norelle Owen
– Emily Page
– Ketta Scheuerlein
– Paige Scully
– Tara Scully
– Marie Stella

– Samantha Bennett
– Sarah Kneebone

Development squad
– Emma Heggie
– Alethea Jones
– Sarah McNabb
– Georgia Sobol
– Lianora Taralrud-Bay
– Amelia Wales

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