Adelaide Adrenaline 2018 roster

The Adelaide Adrenaline roster has been pieced together from their player announcements and this weekends game lineup. It should look pretty much as follows.

New to the team are Alex Adams, Harley Anderson, Sebastian Andersson, Caleb Apperson, Brad Chenoweth, Tyler Leeming, Adam Piett, Dylan Pope, Andrew Stapleton, Corey Stringer and Quenton Tombleson

While players dropped from the roster include Casey Baineau, Tyson Boyd, Graham Charbonneau, Andrew Chen, Darren Corstens, Cameron Critchlow, Ben Gebert, Sean Greer, David Huxley, James Keane, Peter King, Cole MacMillan, Marcel McGuiness, Morgan McNeill, Matt Murphy, Greg Oddy and Jake Riley

#30 Glen Forbes-White
#35 Sebastian Andersson (I)

#4 Corey Stringer
#6 Zach Boyle
#20 Jordan Geyer
#34 Adam Piett (I)
#37 Caleb Apperson (I)
Alex Adams (I)
Brad Chenoweth
Tyler Leeming

#7 Ryan Foll
#9 Andrew Stapleton
#12 Sami Mantere
#13 Nathaniel Benson
#14 Remy McGuiness
#18 Dylan Pope
#24 Harley Anderson
#33 Quenton Tombleson
#47 Ales Kratoska (I)
#73 Steve Best
Josef Rezek

– Head Coach: Jim Fuyarchuk
– Assistant Coach: Corey Smith
– Assistant Coach: Sami Mantere
– Team Manager: Jason Geyer

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