Roster released for 2018 Winter Games NZ

Ice Hockey Australia have released the Australian men’s national team roster for the upcoming 2018 Winter Games NZ‘s Trans-Tasman Challenge. Australia will take on New Zealand in a three game series in Queenstown from 6 September to 8 September 2018.

For more information see the announcement from Ice Hockey Australia and for livestreaming see the NZIHL’s YouTube channel.

Zachary Boyle (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Robert Haselhurst (Newcastle Northstars)
Shannon McGregor (Sydney Ice Dogs)
Michael McMahon (Melbourne Mustangs)
Lliam Webster (C) (Melbourne Ice)
Jamie Woodman (Perth Thunder)

Ellesse Carini (Sydney Ice Dogs)
Tyler Kubara (CBR Brave)
Jordan Kyros (Perth Thunder)
Robert Malloy (A) (Newcastle Northstars)
Kai Miettinen (CBR Brave)
Patrick Nadin (Newcastle Northstars)
Thomas Powell (A) (Melbourne Ice)
Tomek Sak (Perth Thunder)
Vadim Virjassov (Melbourne Mustangs)
Kieren Webster (Perth Thunder)
Christopher Wong (Melbourne Ice)

Charlie Smart (Newcastle Northstars)
Alexandre Tetreault (CBR Brave)

– Head Coach: Brad Vigon
– Assistant Coach: Matti Luoma
– Team Manager: Ian Webster
– Assistant Manager: Val Webster
– Medical Trainer: Michael Botes
– Team Leader: Andrew McDowell

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