Perth Thunder 2019 roster

The Perth Thunder have released their roster for the 2019 season.

New players to the team include Rob Haselhurst (Newcastle Northstars), Louick Marcotte (Rivière-du-Loup 3L), Shaun TobinShaun Tobin, Keven Veilleux (Rivière-du-Loup 3L) and Nico Vikstén (SaPKo)

While dropped from the roster are Robert Bird, Jonathon Bremner (Melbourne Ice), Peter Di Salvo (Quad City Storm), Pascal Gemperli (EHC Frauenfeld), Kaden Goulds, Pier-Olivier Grandmaison (Rapid City Rush), Joshua Healey, Simon Kudla, Mark McCann, Thomas Munro (Melbourne Ice), Landon Oslanski (Lacombe Generals), Rhys Pelliccione (Perth Sharks), Levon Wilson and Nicholas Windle

#3 Rob Haselhurst
#7 Jaymie McDonnell
#8 David Kudla
#11 Louick Marcotte (I)
#12 Kieren Webster
#14 Shaun Tobin
#15 Lynden Lodge
#17 Liam Jeffries
#19 Jason McMahon
#21 Tomek Sak
#23 Jordan Kyros
#24 Andrew Cox (A)
#25 Alastair Punler
#27 Jamie Woodman (C)
#32 Jake Ruck
#36 Ben Breault (I) (A)
#44 Keven Veilleux (I)

#1 Evan Bowater
#31 Nico Vikstén (I)

– Head Coach: David Ruck
– Assistant Coach: Chris Kostopoulos
– Team Manager: Richie Lamb

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