Perth Inferno 2019-20 roster

The Perth Inferno have released their roster for the 2019-20 AWIHL season. The club is yet to announce a further two imports but based on the information available so far we can list the ins and outs.

New players to the team include Sydney Fricker (WA Blaze), Heather Hayduk (WA Blaze), Rachel Kogiopoulos, Celeste Milner, Mariam Hall (WA Blaze), Molly Lukowiak and Sara Sammons.

While dropped from the roster are Celestine Adams, Keesha Atkins, Taylor Cookson, Alivia Del Basso, Katrina Dobo, Melissa Jetten, Ella Licari, Cara Minney-Smith, Courtney Moulton*, Shelley Pippo-Giuffre, Courtney Poole, Madison Poole and Tansy Thomas-Bland.

Lesleigh Bower
Michelle Clarke-Crumpton
Sydney Fricker (G)
Mariam Hall
Heather Hayduk
Sasha Irvine
Sasha King (G)
Rachel Kogiopoulos
Tonii Larpent
Bianca Löwenadler
Molly Lukowiak
Isla Malcolm
Louise McNab
Celeste Milner
Liana Njirich
Marina Nottle
Sara Sammons
Elizabeth Scala
Nikki Sharp
Rebecca Smith

*Re-signing announced 19 September 2019

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