Adelaide Generals 2019-20 roster

The Adelaide Generals have released their roster for the 2019-20 AJIHL season.

New players to the team include Nicholas Bowe, Tyler Boyle, Joseph Maatouk, Noah Maley, Morris O’Handley, Connor Smith, Zachary Steele (from Banff Hockey Academy Prep) and Matúš Trnka (from HC Presov U16).

While dropped from the roster are Nathaniel Benson (to Carleton Place Jr. Canadians), Brandon Hodge, Jake Hazel, Jolyon Oakey, Neil Opolentisima, Dylan Pope, Sebastian Smith and Byron Tschuma.

#1 Jeremy Friederich
#2 Brad Chenoweth
#5 Kyle Clark
#6 Tyler Boyle
#8 Morris O’Handley
#11 Connor Smith
#15 Noah Maley
#17 Andrew Chen
#32 Matúš Trnka
#35 Nicholas Bowe
#43 Craig Meharry
#57 Cameron Pope
#61 Joseph Maatouk
#65 Timothy Benson
#75 Ambrose Foster
#81 Zachary Steele

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