Victorian All-Stars roster announced

The roster for the Victorian All-Stars has been announced ahead of the two game series against the Australian men’s team. The two game series will be held on 15 and 16 February 2020 at the O’Brien Icehouse as part of the Icehouse’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Further information:
Ticket details

#6 Nathan Cachia (Melbourne Ice)
#9 Jaxson Lane (Melbourne Mustangs)
#21 Joey Hughes (CBR Brave)
#23 Jamie Bourke (Melbourne Mustangs)
#24 Mitch Humphries (Melbourne Mustangs)
#26 Tristan Darling (Melbourne Mustangs)
#29 Brendan McDowell (Melbourne Mustangs)
#49 Matt Anderson (Melbourne Mustangs)
#51 Sean Jones (Melbourne Mustangs)
#75 Tom Lash (Melbourne Ice)
#76 Jack McCoy (Melbourne Mustangs)
#77 Paul Lazzarotto (Melbourne Ice)
#88 Bradley Apps (Melbourne Mustangs)
#89 Pat O’Kane (Melbourne Mustangs)
#90 Rob Clark (Melbourne Ice)

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