2016 AIHL All-Star Weekend

2016 AIHL All-Star Weekend

The 2016 AIHL All-Star Weekend has finished with Team Schlamp defeating Team Armstrong 10-9 in the All-Star Game. Michael Schlamp of the Sydney Bears and Matt Armstrong led the two teams in the event which was held at the Penrith Ice Palace in Penrith. Michael Dorr of the Perth Thunder was awarded most valuable player of the match as well as being named best forward. The first day of the weekend consisted of the Skills Competition which saw players from three different teams win the events with the CBR Brave claiming three out of seven.

For more information on the Weekend including the team rosters see the event information article from the AIHL.

Skills Competition (17:00, 11 June 2016):
Schedule and list of participants
– Air Canada Fastest Skater: Patrick O’Kane (Melbourne Mustangs) – Details and results
– APA Group Breakaway Challenge: Geordie Wudrick (CBR Brave) – Details and results
– Haigh & Hastings Shooting Accuracy: Stephen Blunden (CBR Brave) – Details and results
– Rifle Media Stickhandling: Casey Kubara (CBR Brave) – Details and results
– Skaters Network Hardest Shot: James Isaacs (Melbourne Mustangs) – Details and results
– Ryzer Elimination Shootout: Brian Funes (Sydney Bears) – Details and results
– Goaltender Race: Anthony Kimlin (Sydney Bears)

All-Star Game (14:00, 12 June 2016)
– Team Schlamp 10 – 9 Team Armstrong
Game Card

Player Awards:
– Most Valuable Player: Michael Dorr (Perth Thunder)
– Best Forward: Michael Dorr
– Best Defenceman: Ryan Annesley (Sydney Bears)
– Best Goaltender: Anthony Kimlin (Sydney Bears)
– Best Australian Player: Rob Haselhurst (Perth Thunder)

AIHL news: 19 May 2016

2016 All-Star Weekend
– The AIHL have released the preliminary rosters for the upcoming 2016 AIHL All-Star Weekend. The event is scheduled to take place at the Penrith Ice Palace on 11 June and 12 June with the two teams captained by Michael Schlamp and Matt Armstrong. For more information including the list of players see the announcement from the league.

Newcastle North Stars
– The North Stars have announced that defender David Ferrari has signed with Dunedin Thunder of the New Zealand Ice Hockey League for the 2016 season. Ferrari will continue with the North Stars until the end of May before departing for the start of the New Zealand season in June. He is however expected to return to the North Stars lineup for the 2017 AIHL season. For more information see the announcement from the club.

Perth Thunder
– The Thunder have announced that captain Sam Wilson is expected to miss six weeks after suffering a break in his arm in last weekends double header against the CBR Brave. Andrew Cox will take over the captaincy in his absence while Anthony Nottle will fill his place in the lineup. The injury will mean that Wilson will miss his first AIHL game since the Thunder joined the league in 2012. For more information see the club announcement.
– Fellow defender Per Daniel Goransson has also been placed on the injury list due to a slight muscle tear. He is expected to return to the lineup for the double header in Perth against the Melbourne Ice.

2016 AIHL All-Star Weekend set for June

The Australian Ice Hockey League have announced that the 2016 AIHL All-Star Weekend will be held on 11 and 12 June at the Penrith Ice Palace in Jamisontown. The weekend will again be presented by APA Group and will feature the skills competition on the 11th followed by the all-stars game on the 12th. Michael Schlamp will return to captain one of the two teams, while Matt Armstrong replaces Brian Bales as captain of the second team.

For more information on the event see the announcement on TheAIHL.com.