Alexander Spalding

Perth Sharks 2019-20 roster

The Perth Sharks have released their roster for the 2019-20 AJIHL season.

New players to the team include Cameron Bell, Brice Chapman, Dillon Dewar, Luke Doyle, Harry Jackson, Riley Langille, Yannic Lodge (from Tranås AIF J20), Zack Mercorella and Drew Robson.

While dropped from the roster are Lachlan Dwyer, Dominic Gomez, Austin Hoffman, Harvey Jackson, Joshua Kostka, Liam McAuley, Stephen McCann, Sean McLean, Edward Meaden-Cox, Hayden Read, Joshua Santana, Jye Sarcich, Harry Tanner and Buster Thomas-Blend

Changes to the staff include Marc Vaillancourt coming on as an assistant coach in place of Liam Jeffries and Alastair Punler. While Harry Tanner moves into the role of development coach after playing for the team last season.

Lachlan Atkins
Dillon Dewar
Luke Doyle
Ryan Langille (injured)
Yannic Lodge
Zack Mercorella
Kalin Njirich
Rhys Pelliccione
Ben Ramsay-Lelek
Drew Robson
Ryan Rothwell
Jaydon Santana
Alexander Spalding
Nick Turich
Mathieu Vaillancourt
Ben Williams
Brock Williams
Oscar Zhu

Harry Jackson

Development squad
Cameron Bell
Brice Chapman
Riley Langille

– Head coach: Ben Breault
– Assistant coach: Marc Vaillancourt
– Development coach: Harry Tanner
– Team manager: Gill McLean
– Trainer: Grant Mercorella