Jakub Chudy

Perth Inferno 2019-20 team staff and committee

The Perth Inferno have announced their team staff and committee members for the upcoming 2019-20 season.

For more information see the announcements from the club:
Team staff announcement
Committee announcement

Team staff
– Head Coach: Paul Graham
– Assistant Coach: Jason McMahon
– Defence Coach: Jamie Woodman
– Goaltending Coach: Thomas Boschman
– Team Manager: Brooks Goulds
– Medical: Shannon Spencer
– Medical: Jakub Chudy

– President: Alicia Kelly
– Vice President: Darren Sharp
– Treasurer: Cara Minney-Smith
– Secretary: Matt Mosley
– Marketing and Media: Paul Graham
– Merchandising Manager: Danielle King
– Community Liason: Mickey Kordas
– General Committee: Thomas Boschman
– General Committee: Marina Nottle