Niagara Whalers

Melbourne Glaciers 2019-20 roster

The Melbourne Glaciers have released their roster for the 2019-20 AJIHL season.

New players to the team include Mitchell Bonollo (from Niagara Whalers), Michael Breedveld, Josh Buzza, Lachlan Cincotta, Daniel Esposito, Lucas Ferrier, Codey Funston, Logan Gallacher, Matt Hochmann, Taylor Luck, Cooper Metcalf, Tim Nikitin, Joshua Van Douwen and Max West-Testa.

While dropped from the roster are Gavin Birchler, Jakob Doornbos (to Windsor Aces), Jack Hayes, Isaac Norris, Jhye Redapple, Elijah Sutton and Hamish Young.

Mitchell Bonollo
Michael Breedveld (G)
– Josh Buzza (G)
Lachlan Cincotta
Evan Connard (A)
Daniel Esposito
– Lucas Ferrier
Codey Funston
Logan Gallacher
Jacob Haley (C)
Matt Hochmann
Ari Horgen
Jeff Hu (A)
Bobby Huang
Matt Knox
Denis Levin
Taylor Luck
A.J. McConville
Cooper Metcalf
Tim Nikitin
Christian Pansino
Damon Parolin (A)
Samuel Sweatman
Joshua Van Douwen
Elijah West-Testa
– Max West-Testa

– Head coach: Michael Flaherty
– Assistant coach: Jamie Hodic
– Team manager: Sean McConville
– Equipment manager/State commissioner: Mario Pansino

AIHL player news: 21 August 2015

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