Scott Corbett

Melbourne Ice 2014 Roster Announced

The Melbourne Ice are the first team to announce their roster for the upcoming 2014 Australian Ice Hockey League season. On the list are seven new inclusions for the team while eleven players have been cut including the Hughes brothers who left the team midway through the season. The two new import signings of Scott Corbett and Tim Johansson replace the 2013 signings of Chris Frank and John Gordon. Corbett last played for the Ice in the 2008 season and was an alternate captain for the Mustangs during the 2011 season. Ross Howell returns to the Ice having last played for the team in 2004 and had been playing for the Gold Coast Blue Tongues up until they were suspended from the league. Sean Hamilton last season played for the Perth Thunder but announced his move to Melbourne at the start of February. Other new signings include Melbourne Glaciers Sam Hodic, Richard Ashton, Sonny Bal and Jeremy Brown.

There has been no mention of the future of the players cut from the Melbourne Ice’s team apart from the Hughes brothers who are expected to be signed by the Melbourne Mustangs after attending the Mustangs tryouts earlier this year. Players cut from the team include Caleb Butler, Andrew Crowther, Andrew Erzen, Chris Frank, John Gordon, Joseph Hughes, Vincent Hughes, Glen Mayer, Dylan Moore, Dahlen Phillips and Mike Thorburn.

For more information see the AIHL’s article where they discuss the team with Melbourne Ice President, Emma Poyton.