Thomas Boschman

Perth Inferno 2019-20 team staff and committee

The Perth Inferno have announced their team staff and committee members for the upcoming 2019-20 season.

For more information see the announcements from the club:
Team staff announcement
Committee announcement

Team staff
– Head Coach: Paul Graham
– Assistant Coach: Jason McMahon
– Defence Coach: Jamie Woodman
– Goaltending Coach: Thomas Boschman
– Team Manager: Brooks Goulds
– Medical: Shannon Spencer
– Medical: Jakub Chudy

– President: Alicia Kelly
– Vice President: Darren Sharp
– Treasurer: Cara Minney-Smith
– Secretary: Matt Mosley
– Marketing and Media: Paul Graham
– Merchandising Manager: Danielle King
– Community Liason: Mickey Kordas
– General Committee: Thomas Boschman
– General Committee: Marina Nottle

Perth Inferno 2018-19 team staff

The Inferno have announced four members of their team staff for their inaugural season in the Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League. For more information see the announcement from Ice Hockey WA

– Head Coach: Paul Graham
– Assistant Coach: Thomas Boschman
– Strength & Conditioning Coach/Assistant Coach: Alivia Del Basso
– Team Manager: Daniel Juriansz