2018 AIHL season

2018 AIHL season: Round 1

Round 1 of the 2018 Australian Ice Hockey League season. Results and standings will be updated as the scores become known.

For more information see the AIHL website.

– Adelaide Adrenaline 0-8 Melbourne Ice (17:00, 21 April 2018, O’Brien Group Arena)
– Newcastle Northstars 3-4 SO Sydney Ice Dogs (17:00, 21 April 2018, Macquarie Ice Rink)
– Sydney Bears 2-4 CBR Brave (17:30, 21 April 2018, Phillip Ice Skating Centre)
– Adelaide Adrenaline Melbourne Mustangs (16:00, 22 April 2018, O’Brien Group Arena)


Melbourne Ice 1 1 0 0 0 3
CBR Brave 1 1 0 0 0 3
Sydney Ice Dogs 1 0 1 0 0 2
Newcastle Northstars 1 0 0 1 0 1
Sydney Bears 1 0 0 0 1 0
Adelaide Adrenaline 1 0 0 0 1 0
Melbourne Mustangs 0 0 0 0 0 0
Perth Thunder 0 0 0 0 0 0

Last updated 21 April 2018

Adelaide Adrenaline 2018 roster

The Adelaide Adrenaline roster has been pieced together from their player announcements and this weekends game lineup. It should look pretty much as follows.

New to the team are Alex Adams, Harley Anderson, Sebastian Andersson, Caleb Apperson, Brad Chenoweth, Tyler Leeming, Adam Piett, Dylan Pope, Andrew Stapleton, Corey Stringer and Quenton Tombleson

While players dropped from the roster include Casey Baineau, Tyson Boyd, Graham Charbonneau, Andrew Chen, Darren Corstens, Cameron Critchlow, Ben Gebert, Sean Greer, David Huxley, James Keane, Peter King, Cole MacMillan, Marcel McGuiness, Morgan McNeill, Matt Murphy, Greg Oddy and Jake Riley

#30 Glen Forbes-White
#35 Sebastian Andersson (I)

#4 Corey Stringer
#6 Zach Boyle
#20 Jordan Geyer
#34 Adam Piett (I)
#37 Caleb Apperson (I)
Alex Adams (I)
Brad Chenoweth
Tyler Leeming

#7 Ryan Foll
#9 Andrew Stapleton
#12 Sami Mantere
#13 Nathaniel Benson
#14 Remy McGuiness
#18 Dylan Pope
#24 Harley Anderson
#33 Quenton Tombleson
#47 Ales Kratoska (I)
#73 Steve Best
Josef Rezek

– Head Coach: Jim Fuyarchuk
– Assistant Coach: Corey Smith
– Assistant Coach: Sami Mantere
– Team Manager: Jason Geyer

AIHL news: 21 April 2018

CBR Brave
– New sponsors: Brave add the sign the following as their 2018 business supporter sponsors: Ace High Eatery & Bar, Care Traffic, Coffey, Compass Wealth Group and T C Air & Electric.

Melbourne Mustangs
– Import defenceman Charles-Olivier Roussel will not join the club for the 2018 season following an injury. The club will announce a replacement soon. More information

Melbourne Ice 2018 roster

The Melbourne Ice have announced their roster for the 2018 season.

New to the team are Dylan Anderson, Mitchell Bonollo,
Michael Breedveld, Declan Bronte, Nathan Cachia, Mac Caruana, Jeremy Chai, James Downie, Nate Fleming, Jacob Haley, Sam Hodic, Michael James, Devon Krogh,
Jesse Moore, Issac Norris, Joseph Nyamuka, Christian Pansino, Maksim Shneider, Jacob Smith, Benjamin Suter, Josh Velez and Elijah West-Testa

While players dropped from the roster include Kristoffer Backman, Paul Baranzelli, Jérémy Brown, Ethan Cornford, Niklas Dahlberg, Dayne Davis, Kevin Dow, Darcy Flanagan, Viktor Gibbs Sjödin, Joseph Hughes, Bobby Lipsett and Sebastian Ottosson

Michael Breedveld
James Downie
Michael James
Jayden Pine-Murphy

Declan Bronte
Jack Carpenter
Nate Fleming
Todd Graham
Jacob Haley
Devon Krogh
Issac Norris
Benjamin Suter
Lliam Webster
Marcus Wong

Dylan Anderson
Matt Armstrong
Jason Baclig
Mitchell Bonollo
Tyrone Bronte
Nathan Cachia
Mac Caruana
Jeremy Chai
Rob Clark
Scott Corbett
Cas Delsar
Sam Hodic
Dillon Lawrence
Austin Mckenzie
Jesse Moore
Joseph Nyamuka
Christian Pansino
Thomas Powell
Maksim Shneider
Jacob Smith
Josh Velez
Elijah West-Testa
Chris Wong

AIHL news: 20 April 2018

Adelaide Adrenaline
– New signing: Adam Piett. Position: Defence. More information.

Melbourne Ice
– New staff: Peter Ekroth. Takes on the position of head coach replacing Charles Franzén who was in the position during the 2017 season. More information.
– Staff changes: Charles Franzén. Moves from the head coach position to Director of Coaching and Player Development. More information.

Newcastle Northstars
– Staff changes: Garry Doré, Ray Sheffield, Joey Theriault will share the coaching duties after the parting ways with former head coach Andrew Petrie in October 2017. Doré remains as the general manager and previously coached from 2012 to 2014. Sheffield and Theriault have been an assistant coaches for the past two seasons. More information.

Sydney Bears
– New signing: Michael Burns. Position: Forward. More information.
– New signing: Chad Smith. Position: Forward. 2017-18: Fife Flyers (EIHL) – 50 games, 1 point, Kirkcaldy Kestrels (SNL) – 8 games, 14 points. More information.

Sydney Ice Dogs
– New signing: Curtis Skip. Position: Goaltender. 2017-18: University of Alberta-Augustana (CCAA). More information.
– New sponsor: The Ranch Hotel. Official post game venue for 2018. Replaces TGI Fridays Macquarie Centre which was the clubs venue in 2017. More information.

Newcastle Northstars 2018 roster

The Newcastle Northstars have announced their roster for the 2018 season.

New players to the team are Dayne Davis, Robert Haselhurst, Tomas Landa, Sam Lawson, Nick Rivait, Richard Tesarik and Patrick Ward

While players dropped include Kale Kerbashian, Steven Kuhn, Matt Marantz, Nicholas Mizen, Félix-Antoine Poulin, Jonatan Ruth, Beau Taylor and Matt Taylor

#30 Dayne Davis
#31 Charlie Smart
#33 Harley Quinton-Jones

#3 Mathew Lindsay (A)
#5 John Kennedy
#8 Hamish Powell
#11 Tim Stanger
#12 Joseph Harcharik (I)
#14 Robert Haselhurst
#16 Jayson Chalker
#20 Robert Malloy (C)
#22 Sam Lawson (I)
#23 Matthew Wetini (A)
#24 Tomas Landa (I)
#25 David Ferrari
#26 Zane Jones
#27 Liam Manwarring
#43 Patrick Ward
#44 Nick Rivait (I)
#55 Richard Tesarik
#58 Hayden Sheard
#71 Shane Southwood
#91 Patrick Nadin

Sydney Bears 2018 roster

The Sydney Bears roster has been pieced together from their player announcements and this weekends game lineup. It should look pretty much as follows.

New to the team are Charlie Adams (Pensacola Ice Flyers), Anthony Barnes (Brisbane Blitz), Aston Brookes (Skycity Stampede), Michael Burns, Joey Gunner (Sydney Wolf Pack), Michael Haynes (Reach Rebels), Ryan Lough (St. Lawrence University), Shai Rabinowitz, Gabriel Robledo (Sydney Sting), Fredrik Rosenberg (Sydney Sting), Cameron Smith (Sydney Sabres), Chad Smith (Fife Flyers), Thomas Steven (Melbourne Mustangs) and Graeme Strukoff (HC Detva)

Players dropped from the team include Saxon Air, Jackson Brewer, Slavomir Boris, Robert Covino, James Downie, Lachlan Fahmy, Tomas Landa, Lachlan McKenzie, Tyler Noseworthy, Luke Read, Joel Rhodes, Nick Rivait, Tim Rye, Richard Tesarik, Cameron Todd, Brent Vandenberg, Patrick Ward and Alexander Wardlaw

#28 Anthony Kimlin
#31 Aston Brookes
#55 Gabriel Robledo

#16 Ryan Annesley
#97 Tyerell Clare
#77 Graeme Strukoff (I)
Brian Funes

#7 Thomas Steven
#8 Thomas Moncrieff
#10 Fredrik Rosenberg
#11 Michael Schlamp (C)
#14 Joey Gunner
#19 Anthony Barnes
#20 Vladimir Rubes (A)
#21 Cameron Smith (I)
#37 Chad Smith (I)
#44 Shai Rabinowitz
#68 Michael Haynes
#71 Michael Burns
#91 Jeremy Brücker
Charlie Adams (I)
Adrian Esposito
Ryan Lough (I)
Jeremy Vasquez

CBR Brave 2018 team staff

Robert Starke returns for his second season as head coach. Gord Cockell and Mike Sargeant join the club, replacing former assistant coach David Rogina

– Head Coach: Robert Starke
– Assistant Coach: Gord Cockell
– Assistant Coach: Mike Sargeant
– Player Development & Personnel: Johan Steenberg
– Team Manager: Andrew Deans
– Equipment Manager: Darryl Day
– Chiropractor: Saara Stevenson
– Sports Trainer: Cameron Mohr
– Personal Trainer: Alex Zeitlhofer
– Personal Trainer: Dylan Swan

CBR Brave 2018 team leaders

Matthew Harvey replaces Mark Rummukainen as team captain. Rummukainen had held the captaincy since 2014. Jordan Gavin returns as alternate captain. Wehebe Darge and Kai Miettinen take on the alternate captain role, replacing Jan Safar who did not return to the club after playing in 2016 and 2017.

– Captain: Matthew Harvey
– Alternate: Wehebe Darge
– Alternate: Jordan Gavin
– Alternate: Kai Miettinen

CBR Brave 2018 roster

The CBR Brave have released their roster for the 2018 season.

New to the team are Channing Bresciani (University of Manitoba), Hayden Dawes (Lindenwood University), Darcy Flanagan (Melbourne Ice), Jake Doornbos (Sydney Wolf Pack), Trevor Gerling (Lions de Lyon), Per Daniel Göransson (Perth Thunder), Matt Hewitt (University of British Columbia), Joey Hughes (Melbourne Ice), Chris Leveille (Brampton Beast), David Lewis, Jayden Lewis (KaKiPo U20) and Ainars Podzins (Edinburgh Capitals)

While players dropped from the roster include Brian Bales, Corey Banks, Stephen Blunden, Dominic Jalbert, Toby Kubara, Tom Letki, Matti Luoma, Luke Philps, Jan Safar, Aleksi Toivonen and Geordie Wudrick

#29 Alex Tetreault
#31 Jake Doornbos
#92 Matt Hewitt

#4 Channing Bresciani
#6 Christopher McPhail
#7 Bayley Kubara
#12 Mark Rummukainen
#17 Jimmy Byers
#25 Matt Buskas
#26 Darcy Flanagan
#59 Per Daniel Göransson
#81 Matt Harvey

#3 Mitchell Henning
#9 Wehebe Darge
#11 David Lewis
#14 Jayden Lewis
#15 Casey Kubara
#16 Tyler Kubara
#19 Jordan Gavin
#20 Hayden Dawes
#21 Joey Hughes
#48 Chris Leveille
#64 Kai Miettinen
#66 Ainars Podzins
#71 Jordon Brunt
#78 Trevor Gerling