Sydney Bears

Sydney Ice Dogs win 2018 Wilson Cup

The Sydney Ice Dogs have won the 2018 Wilson Cup after winning the series against the Sydney Bears 3-1. The Wilson Cup is awarded to the winner of the four game regular season series between the Bears and Ice Dogs. Previously the Wilson Cup was contested for in a pre-season tournament between the New South Wales based clubs before it was re-purposed to its current form last season.

– Sydney Bears 1-5 Sydney Ice Dogs (5 May 2018)
– Sydney Ice Dogs 3-2 SO Sydney Bears (26 May 2018)
– Sydney Ice Dogs 0-5 Sydney Bears (13 July 2018)
– Sydney Bears 2-7 Sydney Ice Dogs (24 August 2018)

2018 AIHL awards: Part 2

The Australian Ice Hockey League have announced the winners of the final threee awards for the 2018 season. The Sydney Bears took out two categories with Anthony Kimlin named goaltender of the year and Ron Kuprowsky named coach of the year. The CBR Brave took out the remaining category with Wehebe Darge named Skaters Network local player of the year.

For details on how the voting process works see the release from the AIHL.

– Goaltender of the Year: Anthony Kimlin (Sydney Bears)
– Coach of the Year: Ron Kuprowsky (Sydney Bears)
– Skaters Network Local Player of the Year: Wehebe Darge (CBR Brave)

AIHL news: 22 July 2018

Adelaide Adrenaline
– Goaltender Russell Brewer played in his first game for the club since 2016. Brewer was added to the Adrenaline roster to act has backup for Sebastian Andersson in their 21 July game against the Perth Thunder. Brewer was however brought into the game for the remaining 13 minutes after Andersson was pulled. Brewer has previously played three games for the club, one in 2013 and two in 2016.

Sydney Bears
Adam Kimbley joined the team for the first time this season in their 21 July game against the CBR Brave. Kimbley has previously played 108 AIHL games from 2008 to 2016, playing for the Newcastle Northstars, Sydney Bears and most recently in the 2016 season the Sydney Ice Dogs. Kimbley has most recently been playing for the Penrith Raptors in the East Coast Super League

AIHL news: 18 July 2018

Sydney Bears
– The Bears have released images of their LGBTIQA+ Pride Game jersey which they will wear on 19 August against the Adelaide Adrenaline. The game will be the Bears second annual Pride Game and this year they will be partnering with Sydney based charity Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW. For more information, including how the buy the jerseys, see the announcement from the club

AIHL news: 24 June 2018

CBR Brave
Jakob Doornbos and Nickolas Eckhardt made their first appearance on the bench for the club this season with both goaltenders serving as backup in a game each against the Melbourne Mustangs. Doornbos and Eckhardt were were called up to fill in for regular backup goaltender Alex Tetrault.

Melbourne Ice
James Downie joined the team for the first time this weekend in Sydney and Newcastle. Downie started in the Ice’s game against the Sydney Ice Dogs and backed-up for Jaden Pine-Murphy in Newcastle. Downie recently returned from the United States where he has been playing for Meijer AAA Hockey 18U
Maksim Shneider has made his debut for the Melbourne Ice, lining up in the game against the Newcastle Northstars. The Russian born Shneider has been playing in the Victorian Premier League for the Melbourne Sharks where he currently has five points from six games.

Sydney Bears
– The Bears have signed Kayne Fedor for their 24 June game against the Adelaide Adrenaline. The signing looks to have been made to avoid falling below the minimum number of players for a game after Ryan Lough and Fredrik Rozenberg did not return to the lineup after the 23 June match. Fedor last played in the AIHL for the Adrenaline in 2016 and is currently signed with the Adelaide Tigers in the South Australian Premier League.

AIHL news: 20 April 2018

Adelaide Adrenaline
– New signing: Adam Piett. Position: Defence. More information.

Melbourne Ice
– New staff: Peter Ekroth. Takes on the position of head coach replacing Charles Franzén who was in the position during the 2017 season. More information.
– Staff changes: Charles Franzén. Moves from the head coach position to Director of Coaching and Player Development. More information.

Newcastle Northstars
– Staff changes: Garry Doré, Ray Sheffield, Joey Theriault will share the coaching duties after the parting ways with former head coach Andrew Petrie in October 2017. Doré remains as the general manager and previously coached from 2012 to 2014. Sheffield and Theriault have been an assistant coaches for the past two seasons. More information.

Sydney Bears
– New signing: Michael Burns. Position: Forward. More information.
– New signing: Chad Smith. Position: Forward. 2017-18: Fife Flyers (EIHL) – 50 games, 1 point, Kirkcaldy Kestrels (SNL) – 8 games, 14 points. More information.

Sydney Ice Dogs
– New signing: Curtis Skip. Position: Goaltender. 2017-18: University of Alberta-Augustana (CCAA). More information.
– New sponsor: The Ranch Hotel. Official post game venue for 2018. Replaces TGI Fridays Macquarie Centre which was the clubs venue in 2017. More information.

Sydney Bears 2018 roster

The Sydney Bears roster has been pieced together from their player announcements and this weekends game lineup. It should look pretty much as follows.

New to the team are Charlie Adams (Pensacola Ice Flyers), Anthony Barnes (Brisbane Blitz), Aston Brookes (Skycity Stampede), Michael Burns, Joey Gunner (Sydney Wolf Pack), Michael Haynes (Reach Rebels), Ryan Lough (St. Lawrence University), Shai Rabinowitz, Gabriel Robledo (Sydney Sting), Fredrik Rosenberg (Sydney Sting), Cameron Smith (Sydney Sabres), Chad Smith (Fife Flyers), Thomas Steven (Melbourne Mustangs) and Graeme Strukoff (HC Detva)

Players dropped from the team include Saxon Air, Jackson Brewer, Slavomir Boris, Robert Covino, James Downie, Lachlan Fahmy, Tomas Landa, Lachlan McKenzie, Tyler Noseworthy, Luke Read, Joel Rhodes, Nick Rivait, Tim Rye, Richard Tesarik, Cameron Todd, Brent Vandenberg, Patrick Ward and Alexander Wardlaw

#28 Anthony Kimlin
#31 Aston Brookes
#55 Gabriel Robledo

#16 Ryan Annesley
#97 Tyerell Clare
#77 Graeme Strukoff (I)
Brian Funes

#7 Thomas Steven
#8 Thomas Moncrieff
#10 Fredrik Rosenberg
#11 Michael Schlamp (C)
#14 Joey Gunner
#19 Anthony Barnes
#20 Vladimir Rubes (A)
#21 Cameron Smith (I)
#37 Chad Smith (I)
#44 Shai Rabinowitz
#68 Michael Haynes
#71 Michael Burns
#91 Jeremy Brücker
Charlie Adams (I)
Adrian Esposito
Ryan Lough (I)
Jeremy Vasquez

AIHL news: 13 April 2018

Adelaide Adrenaline
– New signing: Harley Anderson. Position: Forward. 2017-18 season: Brisbane Blitz (AJIHL) – 14 games, 22 points. More information
– Re-signing: Glen Forbes-White. Position: Goaltender. Second season with the club, 1 AIHL game, 0.813 save percentage. More information.

CBR Brave
– New signing: Ainars Podzins. Position: Forward. 2017-18 season: Edinburgh Capitals (EIHL) – 32 games, 20 points; Metallurg Novokuznetsk (VHL) – 13 games, 1 point. More information
– New signing: Channing Bresciani. Position: Defence. 2017-18 season: University of Manitoba (U Sports) – 24 games, 8 points. More information
– New signing: Chris Leveille. Position: Forward. 2017-18 season: Laval Rocket (AHL) – 6 games, 1 point; Brampton Beast (ECHL) – 64 games, 51 points. More information.
– New sponsor: The Signal Co. Wireless. New major sponsor, previously a player and post-game sponsor.

Melbourne Ice
– New signing: Dillon Lawrence. Position: Forward. 2017-18 season: Edinburgh Capitals (EIHL) – 39 games, 6 points. More information

Sydney Bears
– Re-signing: Tyerell Clare. Position: Defence. Fourth season with the club, 71 AIHL games, 11 points.
– Re-signing: Adrian Esposito. Position: Forward. Fourteenth season with the club, 248 AIHL, 66 points.

Sydney Ice Dogs
– Re-signing: Strat Allen. Position: Forward. Fourth season with the club, 58 AIHL games, 67 points. More information.