Brisbane Goannas 2018-19 roster

The Brisbane Goannas have announced their roster for the upcoming 2018-19 AWIHL season. They have stated however this roster is for their first weekend of the season so there could be some changes heading into the rest of the season. Matt Gilpin replaces Terry Kiliwnik as head coach and Ben Stadtmiller replaces Megan Gilchrist as the teams assistant coach.

Into the team are Grace Carbone, Chloe Charles, Cassie Haley, Charlotte Kelly, Veera Laiho (from Mestis Q), Taylah Pearson, Emma Steele (from Melbourne Ice) and Jessica Wytrykusz. While players dropped from the roster include Christina Badgley, Ashleigh Brown, Kelly Costa, Brittany Gibbs, Georgia Giblin, Lindsey Kiliwnik, Imogen Perry, Dana Robitallie, Anna Santilli, Lynzey Valianes and Veronica Watson.

Abi Brown
– Grace Carbone
Chloe Charles
Samantha Brophy
Tina Girdler (G)
Jaimi Goonan
– Cassie Haley
Tracy Hocutt
Charlotte Kelly
Sarah Kinninment
Veera Laiho
Alexandra MacDonald
Taylah Pearson (G)
Dannielle Roberts
Emma Steele
Katherine Thelander
– Jessica Wytrykusz

– Head Coach: Matt Gilpin
– Assistant Coach: Ben Stadtmiller
– Manager: Lee Brown

Brisbane Blitz 2018-19 roster

The Brisbane Blitz have announced their roster for the upcoming 2018-19 AJIHL season. Into to the team are Nick Barnwell (from Boro/Vetlanda U16), Thomas Kiliwnik (from Major Pratt), Mikey Mulcahy, Mitch Pailthorpe, Caleb Perry, Arum Rapchuk and Simon Szalkai. While players dropped from the roster include Harley Anderson, Josh Anderson, Anthony Barnes, Damon De Ryck, Isaac Norris, Imogen Perry, Anthony Santilli and Nick Scanlan.

Marcus Anderson
Nick Barnwell
Will Clifford
Matt De Beer
Liam Gepp
Alex Gracia
Thomas Kiliwnik
Mikey Mulcahy
– Mitch Pailthorpe
Conar Peace
Caleb Perry
Grady Perlin
Arum Rapchuk
Simon Szalkai
Lachlan Tripp
Ben Woodall

Sydney Sabres 2018-19 roster

Ice Hockey New South Wales have announced the roster for the Sydney Sabres’ upcoming 2018-19 AJIHL season. Into the team are Brentin Azzopardi, Travis Cromhout, Jackson Gallagher, Joshua Kleipas (from Tottenham Steam), Mika Laajunen, Max Miller, Nathan Moncrieff, Thomas Moncrieff (from Tranås AIF J18), Connor Schultz, Sean Takiari and Jesse Wilson. While players dropped from the roster include Ethan Spelde (to Sydney Wolf Pack), Calvin Kwan, Orion Lynch (to Ontario Hockey Academy Mdgt AA), Austin Matthews, Branson Moore, Nick Air, Jake Knott, Tom Roberts, Cameron Smith and Nick Weiland.

Brentin Azzopardi
James Barton
Ryan Barton
– Travis Cromhout
James Douchkov
Jackson Gallagher
Joshua Kleipas
Mika Laajunen
Max Miller
Nathan Moncrieff
Thomas Moncrieff
Matteo Raco
Alex Ross
Dylan Sables
Hayden Savage
Connor Schultz
– Sean Takiari
Dale Tilsted
James Urweiss
Jesse Wilson

Sydney Wolf Pack 2018-19 roster

Ice Hockey New South Wales have announced the roster for the Sydney Wolf Pack’s upcoming 2018-19 AJIHL season. Into the team are Liam Campbell, Luka Dimopoulos, Liam Gleeson, Alistair Rye, Ethan Spelde (from Sydney Sabres), Aidan Wardlaw and Callum Wardlaw. While players dropped from the roster include Albi Benjamin, Ignacy Benjamin, Danny Blazevic, Jakob Doornbos and Luke Zvonicek.

Joel Berthold
Connor Bolger
Nicolas Campeau
Liam Campbell
Brad Demmitt
Luka Dimopoulos
Mackenzie Gallagher
– Liam Gleeson
Harrison Good
Joey Gunner
Mohak Issar
Paul Kim
Matthew Kopp
Dylan Lavery
Jack Ransome
Taegan Rippon
Alistair Rye
Ethan Spelde
Aidan Wardlaw
Callum Wardlaw
Jayden Whitbread

Canberra Pirates 2018-19 committee

The Pirates have announced their new committee for 2018-19.

– President: Jodie Cochrane
– Secretary: Alex Croyle
– Treasurer: MC Walker
– Committee Member: Brittany Williams
– Committee Member: Jessica Xena JJ

– Outgoing members: Karen Stuart-Williams and Jennifer Hansen Carmody

Canberra Pirates 2018 awards night

The Canberra Pirates held their 2018 awards night on 5 October. The Pirates announced club awards and awards specific to their two teams that played in the Australian Women’s Tier 2 Show Case Series and New South Wales Women’s League.

– Club Award: Alexandra Rose
– Most Improved: Brittany Williams
– Rookie of the Year: Brittany Williams
– Pirates Spirit Award: Dilli Kenyon

– Most Valuable Player: Chelsea Rieger
– Leading Goal Scorer: Chelsea Rieger
– Best Defence: Peta Lehoczky
– Player’s Player: Peta Lehoczky

Women’s Travel Team
– Most Valuable Player: Kristy Tank
– Leading Goal Scorer: Ebony Brunt
– Best Defense: Kirsten Hudson
– Player’s Player: Kristy Tank