Adelaide Adrenaline

Adrenaline get their own official beer

The Adelaide Adrenaline and beer sponsor Big Shed Brewing Concern have announced the release of Puck Yeah Pale Ale, the official beer of the Adelaide Adrenaline. Puck Yeah is an American pale ale previously under the name of F-Yeah American Pale Ale. For more information see the announcement from the club

Wise debuts for Adrenaline

Defenceman Adam Wise made his debut for the Adelaide Adrenaline in todays game against the Melbourne Ice at the Adelaide Ice Arena. Wise started his 2019 season playing for the Adelaide Falcons in the South Australian Premier League where he currently has five assists from eight games.

Adrenaline sign Gavoille

The Fifth Liners Podcast have announced that the Adrenaline have signed forward Benjamin Gavoille for the 2019 season. Gavoille, a French born New Zealand resident, played last season with the Dunedin Thunder in the New Zealand Ice Hockey League where he recorded 20 points in 17 games. In 2019 Gavoille represented New Zealand for the first time of the World Championships where he recorded three points in five games in the Division II Group B tournament. For more information see episode 37 of the podcast.

Adrenaline sign Zolotarev

The Adelaide Adrenaline have announced the signing of defenceman Andrew Zolotarev for 2019. Zolotarev spent 2018 playing in the South Australian Premier League for the Adelaide Falcons where he picked up nine points from 15 games. He debuted in the AIHL in 2007 for the Adelaide Avalanche and has played a total of eight seasons, all in Adelaide. Zolotarev has played a total of 100 games in the league and recorded 16 points. For more information see the announcement from the club.

Adrenaline sign Fedor

The Adelaide Adrenaline have announced the signing of forward Kayne Fedor for the 2019 season. Fedor played nine games last season for the Sydney Bears and previously played for the Adrenaline from 2013 to 2016. Since debuting in the AIHL in 2013 Fedor has recorded 15 points from 45 games. For more information see the announcement from the club.

Adelaide Adrenaline 2019 roster

The Adelaide Adrenaline have released their roster for the 2019 season.

New players to the team include Andew Chen (Adelaide Jokers), Alexandre Gauthier (Nicolet Condors), Jesse Gordichuck (University of Nevada-Las Vegas), Marcel McGuiness (Adelaide Red Wings) and Kyle Neuber.

While dropped from the roster are Alex Adams (Knoxville Ice Bears), Sebastian Andersson (Hammarby IF), Caleb Apperson (Birmingham Bulls), Russel Brewer (Adelaide Tigers), Brad Chenoweth (Adelaide Jokers), Darren Corstens (Adelaide Blackhawks), Jordan Geyer (Adelaide Jokers), Tyler Leeming (Adelaide Red Wings), Sami Mantere (Adelaide Jokers), Reggie Mattschoss (Adelaide Red Wings), Adam Piett, Dylan Pope (Adelaide Falcons) and Corey Stringer.

Harley Anderson
Nathaniel Benson
Steve Best
Zach Boyle
Andew Chen
Ryan Foll
Glen Forbes-White
Jeremy Friederich
Alexandre Gauthier
Jesse Gordichuk
Jamie Holland
Ales Kratoska
Marcel McGuiness
Remy McGuiness
Kyle Neuber
Josef Rezek
Jake Riley
Andrew Stapleton
Quenton Tombleson