Andrew Deans

CBR Brave 2018 team staff

Robert Starke returns for his second season as head coach. Gord Cockell and Mike Sargeant join the club, replacing former assistant coach David Rogina

– Head Coach: Robert Starke
– Assistant Coach: Gord Cockell
– Assistant Coach: Mike Sargeant
– Player Development & Personnel: Johan Steenberg
– Team Manager: Andrew Deans
– Equipment Manager: Darryl Day
– Chiropractor: Saara Stevenson
– Sports Trainer: Cameron Mohr
– Personal Trainer: Alex Zeitlhofer
– Personal Trainer: Dylan Swan

CBR Brave 2016 Player Awards

The Brave held their 2016 players awards on 17 August.

– Bravest of the Brave: Jan Safar and Mathieu Guertin
– Best Forward: Mathieu Guertin
– Best Defender: Jan Safar
– Emerging Brave: Casey Kubara
– Player’s Player: Kai Miettinen
– Highest Points Scorer: Mathieu Guertin
– John Lewis Memorial Award: Andrew & Judy Deans
– Fans Choice: James Byers