2016 Winter Youth Olympics Skills Challenge: Day Two

Madison Poole has finished the Qualification phase of the Women’s Skills Challenge in third place after completing her remaining four skills. Day two of the Qualification phase included Skating Agility, Fastest Shot, Passing Precision and Puck Control. Poole finished with 16 points, two points behind the winner Theresa Schafzahl of Austria. The top eight from the Qualification phase now move to the Grand Final on 16 February.

Jake Riley will resume competition in the Men’s Skills Challenge Qualification phase today after yesterdays rest day. He is currently sitting in fifth place with four skills to be tested.

Madison Poole’s Qualification results:
– Fastest Lap: 1st (5 points)
– Shooting Accuracy: 5th (2 points)
– Skating Agility: 6th (2 points)
– Fastest Shot: 13th (1 point)
– Passing Precision: 6th (2 points)
– Puck Control: 2nd (4 points)
– Total points: 16

For more information see the following links:
Men’s Skills Challenge at IIHF.com
Women’s Skills Challenge at IIHF.com

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