Adelaide’s main ice surface shut indefinitely

The South Australian Ice Sports Federation (SAISF) have announced that the main surface of the Adelaide Ice Arena will be shut for at least two months following failed pressure tests. The closure is expected to impact the start of the Adelaide Adrenaline’s home season which is scheduled to commence 23 April. Following the announcement from SAISF Ice Rinks Adelaide, the company behind the planned new rink for Elizabeth, South Australia, announced that they are looking into opportunities to provide a temporary ice surface while the Ice Arena is closed.

The SAISF announced today that the Adelaide Ice Arena had failed its recent pressure tests due to leaks. As a result the Department of the Environment has refused to permit the use and refrigerant gas in the pipe system which is required to a create the ice on the Arena’s main surface. The Ice Arena will continue to use its small ice surface however this is not suitable for ice hockey and broomball. The Board of the SAISF is currently in talks with the property owner and the Department of Recreation and Sport to look at sourcing funds for a system replacement. The installation of a new system is estimated to take around six weeks however this cannot commence until the funding is in place.

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