Eiland Kenyon

Canberra Pirates 2020 team coaches

The Canberra Pirates have announced their team staff for the 2020 Australian Women’s Tier 2 Show Case Series and the 2020 New South Wales Women’s League season.

– Head coach: Andrew Brunt
– Assistant coach: Ben Pearce
– Off-ice coach & mentor: Eiland Kenyon

NSW Women’s
– Head coach: Ben Pearce
– Assistant coach: Mike Sargeant

Australian women’s roster for 2020 World Championships

Ice Hockey Australia have released the roster for the Australian women’s team for the upcoming 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship Division II Group B tournament. The competition will take place from 23 February to 29 February in Akureyri, Iceland with Australia competing against Croatia, Iceland, New Zealand, Turkey and Ukraine.

Further information:
Tournament page on IIHF.com

Ashlie Aparicio (Melbourne Ice)
Natalie Ayris (Adelaide Rush)
Anna Badaoui (Sydney Sirens)
Michelle Clark-Crumpton (Perth Inferno)
Stephenie Cochrane (Sydney Sirens)
Natasha Farrier (Adelaide Rush)
Tina Girdler (G) (Sydney Sirens)
Sharna Godfrey (Sydney Sirens)
Jaimi Goonan (Brisbane Goannas)
Shona Green (Melbourne Ice)
Remi Harvey (Sydney Sirens)
Eiland Kenyon (Sydney Sirens)
Olivia Last (G) (RoKi)
Hollie McFadden (Sydney Sirens)
Georgia Moore (Melbourne Ice)
Rylie Padjen (Melbourne Ice)
Tess Reynolds (Adelaide Rush)
Dannielle Roberts (Brisbane Goannas)
Kate Tihema (Lindenwood-Belleville)

– Head coach: Stuart Philps
– Assistant coach: Paul Graham
– Team leader: Don Reddish
– Team manager: Alicia Kelly
– Equipment manager: Jaden Pine-Murphy
– Physiotherapist: Shannon Spencer

Canberra Pirates 2019 club awards

The Canberra Pirates announced their 2019 club awards yesterday. The Pirates announced club awards and awards specific to their two teams that played in the Australian Women’s Tier 2 Show Case Series and New South Wales Women’s League.

– Pirates Spirit Award: Eiland Kenyon
– Nexia Next Level Award: Kimmi Macleod
– The Signal Co Rookie Award: Alex Croyle
– Asgards Body Piercing Hardest Worker: Rhi Brooks

– Most valuable player: Brittany Mendham
– Best forward: Stephanie Boxall
– Best defence: Peta Lehoczky
– Players player: Peta Lehoczky

Women’s Travel Team
– Most valuable player: Brittany Mendham
– Best forward: Brittany Mendham
– Best defence: Kirsten Hudson
– Players player: Jess Joss

Sydney Sirens 2019-20 roster

The Sydney Sirens have released their roster for the 2019-20 AWIHL season. New players to the team include Nadine Edney (St. Lawrence University), Sarah Edney (Buffalo Beauts), Tina Girdler (Brisbane Goannas), Jillian Murphy, Kayla Nielsen (St. Lawrence University) and Maya Zyl.

While dropped from the roster are Erin Beaver, Kristen Embrey, Sandra Giustiniani, Paula Keen, Annelie Kvisle, Amanda Laine, Olivia Last (RoKi), Phoebe Roberts and Shiarna Tarasenko.

In terms of team staff Jayden Ryan replaces Jeff Helbren as head coach. Helbren served as head coach for the Sirens for the last two seasons. Kaylee White and Don MacDonald come in as assistant coaches replacing James Hammond.

Anna Badaoui
Ebony Brunt
Ava Calabria
Elizabeth Chia
Stephenie Cochrane
Sera Dogramaci
Nadine Edney (I)
Sarah Edney (I)
Tina Girdler
Sharna Godfrey
Remi Harvey
Eiland Kenyon
Amelia Matheson
Cleo Mayer
Hollie McFadden
Katherine McOnie
Jillian Murphy
Kayla Nielsen (I)
Chloe Walker
– Maya Zyl

– Head coach: Jayden Ryan
– Assistant coach: Kaylee White
– Assistant coach: Don MacDonald
– Team manager: Neil McFadden

Canberra Pirates awards night

The Canberra Pirates held their awards night yesterday for both the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

Most Valuable Player
– 2016: Sarah Christensen
– 2017: Eiland Kenyon

Most Improved Player
– 2016: Karen Stuart-Williams
– 2017: Jodie Cochrane

Most Dedicated Player
– 2016: Jessie McNeill
– 2017: Karen Stuart-Williams

Players’ Player
– 2016: Sarah Christensen
– 2017: Hannah Butler

Pirates Club Award
– 2016: Donald MacDonald
– 2017: Jodie Cochrane

Pirates Spirit Award
– 2016: Megan Parnell
– 2017: Sarah Pilbeam