Jamie Holland

2017 Adelaide Adrenaline awards

The Adelaide Adrenaline announced their club awards tonight. For more information see the thread on the clubs Facebook page.

– Most Valuable Player: Cameron Critchlow
– Highest Point Scorer: Cameron Critchlow
– Defenceman of the Year: Casey Babineau
– Rookie of the Year: Marcel McGuiness
– Unsung Hero Award: Jamie Holland
– Players Choice Award: Cameron Critchlow
– Local Player of the Year: David Huxley
– Fans Choice Award: Ales Kratoska
– Presidents Choice Award: Mike Biergard
– Volunteer of the Year: Cooper Davidson-Peacock

AIHL news: 19 April 2017

Adelaide Adrenlaine
– The Adrenaline have re-signed English forward Jamie Holland for the upcoming season. Holland joined the Adrenaline last season and recorded two points in eight games. For more information on Holland and the other imports see the article from the club.

Newcastle Northstars
– Peter Lambert has written a piece on their newly signed forward Zane Jones who joins the team from the Innisfail Eagles of the Chinook Hockey League. For more information see the article on the club website.

Sydney Ice Dogs
– The Ice Dogs have announced the re-signing of Canadian forward Strat Allen for the 2017 season. Allen first joined the club in 2015 and over his two seasons has recorded a total of 55 points in 39 games. For more information see the announcement from the club.