Melbourne Chargers 2019 roster

The Melbourne Chargers have released their roster for the 2019 Australian Women’s Tier 2 Show Case Series.

Main roster
Steph Bell
– Kayla Best
– Shelly Clarkson
Emily Davis-Tope
– Natalie Efimoff
– Leila El Allaui
Katie Facaris
Niamh Gallacher
– Thea Jones
– Lauren McNabb
Emily Page
Krystyn Raymundo
Isabela Raymundo
– Veronica Ryan
– Tara Scully
– Paige Scully
– Lianora Taralrud-Bay
Julia Tran

Development team
– Amanda Blondin
– Bronwyn Cashin
– Dana Ciernohorsky
– Melanie Deksnis
– Caroline Dickie
– Anshlea Gagnon
Amelia Grigaliunas
– Aimee Patchin
Makayla Peers
– Georgia Sobol
– Marie Stella
– Audry Wallace

– Shelly Alexander
– Lyndsay Buchanan
Georgia Moore
Jeremy Muir
– Lawrie Pigot
Emma Poynton

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