North Stars ECSL 2020 roster

The Newcastle North Stars ECSL have announced their roster for the upcoming 2020 East Coast Super League season. New players to the team include Cooper Nadin, Hayden Pailthorpe, Dylan Penhall and Kory Sheridan. While dropped from the roster are Antoine Aubin, Jayson Chalker, Jeremy Greentree, Benjamin Hughes, David-James Jeremy, Joel Rhodes, Bren Simcoe, Chris Truyens, Darren Wade and Matt Wetini.

Jakob Brooks
Benjamin Chalker
Liam Chalker
Stuart Cole-Clark
Mackenzie Gallagher
Joshua Hansen
Samuel Lammert
Cooper Nadin
Rory Oultram
– Hayden Pailthorpe
Harrison Payne
– Dylan Penhall
Harley Quinton-Jones
Alistair Rye
Kory Sheridan
Ethan Spelde
Jayden Whitbread

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