Ales Kratoska

Adelaide Adrenaline 2019 club awards

The Adelaide Adrenaline held their 2019 Club Awards on 31 August. For more information see the announcement from the club.

– Most Valuable Player: Jake Riley
– Top Scorer: Ales Kratoska
– Top Defenceman: Zach Boyle and Marcel McGuiness
– Top Forward: Jake Riley
– Rising Star: Glen Forbes-White
– Rookie of the Year: Andrew Chen
– Fan’s Choice: Glen Forbes-White
– Volunteer of the Year: Andrew Draper
– President’s Award: Jason Geyer

Adelaide Adrenaline 2018 awards night

The Adelaide Adrenaline held their 2018 awards night on 25 August.

– Highest Scorer: Ales Kratoska
– Defenceman of the Year: Caleb Apperson
– Local Player of the Year: Zachary Boyle
– Hardest Worker Award: Andrew Stapleton
– Rookie of the Year: Harley Anderson
– Fan’s Choice Award: Sebastian Andersson
– Player’s Choice Award: Sebastian Andersson
– Coach’s Choice Award: Sebastian Andersson
– Volunteer of the Year: Jason Geyer
– President’s Award: Claire Victory

AIHL news: 15 March 2018

Adelaide Adrenaline
– The Adrenaline have announced the re-signed of Czech forward Aleš Krátoška for the 2018 season. Krátoška joined the Adrenaline part way through 2017 and finished the season with 16 points from 12 games. For more information see the announcement from the club

Sydney Bears
– The Bears have signed forward Thomas Steven for the upcoming 2018 season. Steven has been playing in his second season for the Bellingham Blazers of the Western States Hockey League where he currently has 41 points from 43 games. Steven last played in the AIHL in 2016 for the Melbourne Mustangs where he recorded one goal from ten games. For more information see the announcement from the club.

2017 Adelaide Adrenaline awards

The Adelaide Adrenaline announced their club awards tonight. For more information see the thread on the clubs Facebook page.

– Most Valuable Player: Cameron Critchlow
– Highest Point Scorer: Cameron Critchlow
– Defenceman of the Year: Casey Babineau
– Rookie of the Year: Marcel McGuiness
– Unsung Hero Award: Jamie Holland
– Players Choice Award: Cameron Critchlow
– Local Player of the Year: David Huxley
– Fans Choice Award: Ales Kratoska
– Presidents Choice Award: Mike Biergard
– Volunteer of the Year: Cooper Davidson-Peacock

AIHL news: 19 May 2017

Adelaide Adrenaline
– The Adrenaline have added goaltender Seb Woodlands and Czech forward Ales Kratoska to their roster for the upcoming games against the Sydney Bears and Melbourne Mustangs. Kratoska spent the 2016-17 season playing for HC Tábor in the Czech 2.liga where he recorded 23 points in 34 games. He replaces import Morgan McNeill on the roster. Woodlands, who is on loan from the Adelaide Falcons, will serve as the teams third goaltender, behind Matt Murphy and Peter King, and in place of Glen Forbes White.