Preliminary rosters announced for 2018 AIHL All-Star Weekend

The AIHL have announced the preliminary rosters for the upcoming 2018 AIHL All-Star Weekend. Included on Team Boyle is Greg Oddy who recently announced his retirement from the AIHL. The league is expected to announce further players in the lead up to the event. The All-Star Weekend will take place on 2 and 3 June at the Adelaide Ice Arena with a junior camp and skills competition on 2 June and the All-Star game on 3 June.

The league earlier announced that the Adelaide Rush of the Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League will also feature on the weekend where they will demonstrate each contest in the skills competition.

For more information see the announcement from the league

Team Rezek
Matt Armstrong (Melbourne Ice)
Sebastian Andersson (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Ben Breault (Perth Thunder)
Ellesse Carini (Sydney Ice Dogs)
Jack Carpenter (Melboure Ice)
Nathan Chiarlitti (Sydney Ice Dogs)
Glen Forbes-White (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Rob Haselhurst (Newcastle Northstars)
Aleš Krátoška (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Robert Malloy (Newcastle Northstars)
Thomas Powell (Melbourne Ice)
Josef Rezek (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Vadim Virjassov (Melbourne Mustangs)
Lliam Webster (Melbourne Ice)

Team Boyle
Alex Adams (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Charles Adams (Sydney Bears)
Caleb Apperson (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Zach Boyle (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Andrew Cox (Perth Thunder)
Peter Di Salvo (Perth Thunder)
Joe Harcharik (Newcastle Northstars)
Mitch Humphries (Melbourne Mustangs)
Anthony Kimlin (Sydney Bears)
Remy McGuiness (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Greg Oddy (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Nick Rivait (Newcastle Northstars)
Grant Toulmin (Sydney Ice Dogs)
Jamie Woodman (Perth Thunder)

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