Garry Doré

Northstars sign Kennedy as coach

The Newcastle Northstars have signed John Kennedy as head coach for the 2019 season. Kennedy’s signing as head coach replaces the Northstars associate coach program that was in place in 2018. Ray Sheffield and Joey Theriault, who were associate coaches last season, will continue on as assistant coaches. Garry Doré, the teams third associate coach, steps away from coaching to focus solely on his general manager role. Kennedy played 121 games in the AIHL from 2012 to 2018 where he recorded 96 points. For more information see the announcement from the club.

AIHL news: 20 April 2018

Adelaide Adrenaline
– New signing: Adam Piett. Position: Defence. More information.

Melbourne Ice
– New staff: Peter Ekroth. Takes on the position of head coach replacing Charles Franzén who was in the position during the 2017 season. More information.
– Staff changes: Charles Franzén. Moves from the head coach position to Director of Coaching and Player Development. More information.

Newcastle Northstars
– Staff changes: Garry Doré, Ray Sheffield, Joey Theriault will share the coaching duties after the parting ways with former head coach Andrew Petrie in October 2017. Doré remains as the general manager and previously coached from 2012 to 2014. Sheffield and Theriault have been an assistant coaches for the past two seasons. More information.

Sydney Bears
– New signing: Michael Burns. Position: Forward. More information.
– New signing: Chad Smith. Position: Forward. 2017-18: Fife Flyers (EIHL) – 50 games, 1 point, Kirkcaldy Kestrels (SNL) – 8 games, 14 points. More information.

Sydney Ice Dogs
– New signing: Curtis Skip. Position: Goaltender. 2017-18: University of Alberta-Augustana (CCAA). More information.
– New sponsor: The Ranch Hotel. Official post game venue for 2018. Replaces TGI Fridays Macquarie Centre which was the clubs venue in 2017. More information.

Petrie Replaces Doré as Head Coach

The Newcastle North Stars have announced that Garry Doré has stepped down from the head coach position and will be replaced by former Sydney Ice Dogs’ head coach Andrew Petrie for the upcoming 2015 AIHL season. Doré who took over the coaching role in 2012 will continue on as general manager of the club.

For more information see the report by the North Stars or the article by Andrew McMurtry at