Adelaide Rush 2018-19 roster

The Adelaide Rush have announced their roster for the upcoming 2018-19 AWIHL season. Into the team are Jamie Lunn, Cherie Reid, Kelly Harris, Kaitlyn Malthaner, Meggie Ayris, Josephine Otto, Gail Painter, Jayde Hodge and Courtney Semmler. While players dropped from the roster include Keesha Atkins (to Perth Inferno), Sarah Christiansen, Tonii Larpent (to Perth Inferno), Marina Nottle (to Perth Inferno), Hannah Wright, Ashley Pelkey and Madeleine Prescott

#2 Jamie Lunn
#6 Tiffany Venning
#7 Cherie Reid
#8 Kelly Harris
#9 Kaitlyn Malthaner
#10 Meggie Ayris
#11 Josephine Otto
#12 Natalie Ayris
#17 Shania Chenoweth
#18 Candice Mitchell
#19 Lily-Mae Edwards
#21 Gail Painter
#30 Joanne Phillis
#35 Jayde Hodge
#37 Sally Wilson
#44 Sarah Wise
#50 Courtney Semmler
#59 Kirsty Venus
#87 Tess Reynolds

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