Blaze release roster for AW2SCS Round 3

The WA Blaze have released their roster for the third round of the 2019 Australian Women’s Tier 2 Show Case Series which starts 19 October at the O’Brien Icehouse. Added to the team list are Vivian Vu, Kandace Mavrick and Sydney Fricker. While players dropped are Madelyn Ruscoe and Anna Shephard.

#4 Louise McNab
#6 Alycia Harris
#7 Kandace Mavrick
#8 Carole Kilgallon
#12 Miriam Hall
#13 Sydney Fricker
#16 Breanne Smith
#17 Miller Sampson
#18 Sara Magnuson
#21 Vivian Vu (G)
#23 Tessa Ryles
#30 Sasha King (G)
#31 Shannon Spencer
#33 Madeleine Antill
#44 Heather Hayduk
#78 Kate Pallier

– Head Coach: Marina Nottle

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