Jamie Bourke

Victorian All-Stars roster announced

The roster for the Victorian All-Stars has been announced ahead of the two game series against the Australian men’s team. The two game series will be held on 15 and 16 February 2020 at the O’Brien Icehouse as part of the Icehouse’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

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#6 Nathan Cachia (Melbourne Ice)
#9 Jaxson Lane (Melbourne Mustangs)
#21 Joey Hughes (CBR Brave)
#23 Jamie Bourke (Melbourne Mustangs)
#24 Mitch Humphries (Melbourne Mustangs)
#26 Tristan Darling (Melbourne Mustangs)
#29 Brendan McDowell (Melbourne Mustangs)
#49 Matt Anderson (Melbourne Mustangs)
#51 Sean Jones (Melbourne Mustangs)
#75 Tom Lash (Melbourne Ice)
#76 Jack McCoy (Melbourne Mustangs)
#77 Paul Lazzarotto (Melbourne Ice)
#88 Bradley Apps (Melbourne Mustangs)
#89 Pat O’Kane (Melbourne Mustangs)
#90 Rob Clark (Melbourne Ice)

2017 Melbourne Mustangs awards

The Melbourne Mustangs announced their club awards yesterday.

– Most Valuable Player: James Kruger
– Most Valuable Australian: Jamie Bourke
– Best Defenceman: Matt Beattie
– Players’ Player: James Kruger
– Highest Points Scorer: Jamie Bourke
– Most Improved: Andrew Belic
– Coaches Award: Vadim Virjassov
– Most Inspirational: Mitchell Humphries
– Rookie of the Year: Byron Tschuma
– Rick Dwyer Outstanding Service Award: Andrea Friscic
– Fan of the Year: Sarah Bricknall
– Fan Favourite: Jamie Bourke

2017 AIHL All-Star Weekend: Skills Competition

The 2017 AIHL All-Star Weekend got underway today with the Skills Competition being held at the O’Brien Group Arena. The Melbourne Mustangs claimed three of the seven competitions with Jamie Bourke, Patrick O’Kane and Matt Beattie all claiming one each. The Melbourne Ice claimed two with Joseph Hughes picking up both, the Adelaide Adrenaline won one competition through Josef Rezek and the Sydney Ice Dogs picked up one with Damien Ketlo. The All-Star Weekend continues tomorrow with the All-Star Game.

For more information on the Weekend see the league website and for more on the skills competition see the article on theAIHL.com.

– Air Canada Fastest Skater: Patrick O’Kane (Melbourne Mustangs) – 11 seconds
– APA Group Breakaway Challenge: Joseph Hughes (Melbourne Ice)
– Shooting Accuracy: Jamie Bourke (Melbourne Mustangs) – 9.3 seconds
– Rifle Media Stickhandling: Joseph Hughes (Melbourne Ice)
– Skaters Network Hardest Shot: Matt Beattie (Melbourne Mustangs) – 146 km/h
– Ryzer Elimination Shootout: Josef Rezek (Adelaide Adrenaline)
– Goaltender Race: Damien Ketlo (Sydney Ice Dogs)

Last updated 6 June 2017

Details released for 2017 AIHL All-Star Weekend

The Australian Ice Hockey League have announced the details for the upcoming 2017 AIHL All-Star Weekend. The two day event is set to be held on 3 and 4 June at the O’Brien Group Arena with the skills competition on the 3rd followed by the all-stars game on the 4th. APA Group will return for the third year in a row as the presenting sponsor. The two teams for 2017 will be captained by Jamie Bourke of the Melbourne Mustangs and the Melbourne Ice’s Lliam Webster, replacing Michael Schlamp and Matt Armstrong from 2016.

For more information on the event see the announcement on TheAIHL.com.

AIHL news: 15 April 2017

Adelaide Adrenaline
– The Adrenaline have defeated the Ice Hockey South Australia All Star team 9-1 in their exhibition match at the Adelaide Ice Arena. The match was held as part of the Hockey Day in Adelaide event which also featured a live stream of an NHL match, public skating with the Adrenaline and Adelaide Rush players and a Come ‘N’ Try Hockey session.

Melbourne Mustangs
Michael McMahon will take over the captaincy for the 2017 season. MacMahon replaces Patrick O’Kane who held the position in the 2016 season. Jamie Bourke will return as one of the clubs alternate captains. Brendan McDowell and Patrick O’Kane will serve as the teams other alternate captains replacing Sean Jones.

2016 Melbourne Mustangs Awards Night

The awards continue to be handed out with the Melbourne Mustangs holding their awards night on 10 September.

– Most Valuable Player: Michael McMahon
– Most Valuable Australian Player: Sean Jones
– Highest Points Scorer: Jamie Bourke
– Best Defenceman: James Isaacs
– Rookie of the Year: Corey Stringer
– Most Improved: Luke Fisher
– Most Inspirational: Ryan Ruddle
– Coaches Award: Matt Stringer
– Players’ Choice Award: Brendan McDowell
– Fan Favourite: Jamie Bourke
– MOAT’s Head, Heart, Hockey Award: Michael McMahon
– Outstanding Service Award: Rick Dwyer
– Fan of the Year: Brett Parker

Mustangs Announce 2014 Player Awards

The Melbourne Mustangs are the latest team to hold their 2014 awards night. The Mustangs feature a few more awards then the other teams, so listed below are the winners: