Sydney Sabres 2019-20 roster

The Sydney Sabres have released their roster for the 2019-20 AJIHL season. For more information see the announcement from Ice Hockey NSW.

New players to the team include Connor Bolger (from Sydney Wolf Pack), Mackenzie Bolger, Jakob Brooks, Zigmond Janiszewski, Dmitri Kuleshov, Noah Moncrieff and Taegan Rippon (from Sydney Wolf Pack).

While dropped from the roster are Brentin Azzopardi, James Barton (to Sydney Wolf Pack), Ryan Barton, Travis Cromhout, Jackson Gallagher (to Sydney Wolf Pack), Nathan Moncrieff and Joshua Kleipas.

Connor Bolger
Mackenzie Bolger
Jakob Brooks
James Douchkov
– Zigmond Janiszewski
Dmitri Kuleshov
Mika Laajunen
Max Miller
Noah Moncrieff
Thomas Moncrieff
Matteo Raco
Taegan Rippon
Alex Ross
Dylan Sables
Hayden Savage
Connor Schultz
Sean Takiari
Dale Tilsted
James Urweiss
Jesse Wilson

Liam Gleeson
Mohak Issar
Brendan Kleipas

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