Sydney Wolf Pack 2019-20 roster

The Sydney Wolf Pack have released their roster for the 2019-20 AJIHL season. For more information see the announcement from Ice Hockey NSW.

New players to the team include James Barton (from Sydney Sabres), Albi Benjamin, Ignacy Benjamin, Nicholas Doornbos, Jackson Gallagher (from Sydney Sabres), Nathaniel Kopp, Aleksi Mannio, Fredrik Rozenberg (from HC Lidköping J18) and Alexander Wardlaw (from Boston Jr. Rangers).

While dropped from the roster are Connor Bolger (to Sydney Sabres), Liam Campbell, Nicolas Campeau, Liam Gleeson (on reserves), Harrison Good, Mohak Issar (on reserves), Paul Kim, Taegan Rippon (to Sydney Sabres), Ethan Spelde and Jayden Whitbread.

James Barton
Albi Benjamin
Ignacy Benjamin
Joel Berthold
Brad Demmitt
Luka Dimopoulos
Nicholas Doornbos
Jackson Gallagher
Mackenzie Gallagher
Joey Gunner
Matthew Kopp
– Nathaniel Kopp
Dylan Lavery
Aleksi Mannio
Jack Ransome
Fredrik Rozenberg
Alistair Rye
Aidan Wardlaw
Alexander Wardlaw
Callum Wardlaw

Liam Gleeson
Mohak Issar
Brendan Kleipas

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