Bears release 2016 roster

The Sydney Bears have announced their 2016 roster.

Into the team are Ryan Annesley, William Cliff, Brian Funes (from Sydney Ice Dogs), Geoff Irwin, Anthony Kimlin (from Whitby Dunlops), Cameron Smith and Brent Vandenberg (from Dundas Real McCoys)

While dropped from the team are Alan Becken, Jan Bejcek, Paul Bond, Dale Burgess, Ellesse Carini (to Sydney Ice Dogs), Adrian Esposito (to Kagawa Icefellows), Joseph Harcharik (to Sollentuna HC), Kamil Jarina, Ales Padelek (to Peterborough Phantoms), Mario Passarelli and Luke Read

Saxon Air
William Cliff
Geoff Irwin (import)
Tomas Landa (import)
Lachlan McKenzie
Michael Schlamp (Captain)
– Cameron Smith
Richard Tesarik
Cameron Todd
Lee Turner
Brent Vandenberg (import)
Luke Zvonicek

Steven Adams
Ryan Annesley (import)
Spencer Austin
Thomas Cooney
Tyrell Clare
Charlie Frazer
Brian Funes
Patrick Ward

James Downie
Anthony Kimlin

Ron Kuprowsky (Head Coach)
– Brad Andrlon (Assistant Coach)
– Steve Austin (Assistant Coach)
Colin Downie (Assistant Coach)

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