Ice Dogs announce 2017 roster

The Sydney Ice Dogs have announced their roster for the upcoming 2017 season. New additions to the team are Billy Cliff, Stephen Johnston, Damien Ketlo, James Marino, Shannon McGregor, Lachlan Shumak and Dave Upton.

While players dropped from the team are Brentin Azzopardi, Scott Clemie, Dávid Harmati, Kevin Harvey, Adam Kimbley, Joshua Kleipas, Bayley Kubara, Lukas Manco, Cian O’Reilly, Remy Sandoy, Charlie Smart, Cameron Smith, Jarrod Smith, Petr Stepanek, Alec Stephenson and Paul Swindlehurst.

#1 Damien Ketlo (I)
#31 Jake Burgess

#4 Ilman Lee
#5 Daniel Pataky
#6 James Marino
#7 Shannon McGregor
#8 Tomas Manco
#15 Andrew White

#10 Billy Cliff
#13 Stephen Johnston (I)
#14 David Dunwoodie
#18 Todd Stephenson
#19 Strat Allen (I)
#20 Kane Spence
#22 Ellesse Carini
#24 Lachlan Shumak
#29 Scott Stephenson
#38 Nicholas Weiland
#66 Grant Toulmin (I)
#96 David Upton

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