Brisbane Goannas 2018-19 roster

The Brisbane Goannas have announced their roster for the upcoming 2018-19 AWIHL season. They have stated however this roster is for their first weekend of the season so there could be some changes heading into the rest of the season. Matt Gilpin replaces Terry Kiliwnik as head coach and Ben Stadtmiller replaces Megan Gilchrist as the teams assistant coach.

Into the team are Grace Carbone, Chloe Charles, Cassie Haley, Charlotte Kelly, Veera Laiho (from Mestis Q), Taylah Pearson, Emma Steele (from Melbourne Ice) and Jessica Wytrykusz. While players dropped from the roster include Christina Badgley, Ashleigh Brown, Kelly Costa, Brittany Gibbs, Georgia Giblin, Lindsey Kiliwnik, Imogen Perry, Dana Robitallie, Anna Santilli, Lynzey Valianes and Veronica Watson.

Abi Brown
Samantha Brophy
– Grace Carbone
Chloe Charles
Tina Girdler (G)
Jaimi Goonan
– Cassie Haley
Tracy Hocutt
Charlotte Kelly
Sarah Kinninment
Veera Laiho
Alexandra MacDonald
Taylah Pearson (G)
Dannielle Roberts
Emma Steele
Katherine Thelander
– Jessica Wytrykusz

– Head Coach: Matt Gilpin
– Assistant Coach: Ben Stadtmiller
– Manager: Lee Brown

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