Brisbane Blitz 2018-19 roster

The Brisbane Blitz have announced their roster for the upcoming 2018-19 AJIHL season. Into to the team are Nick Barnwell (from Boro/Vetlanda U16), Thomas Kiliwnik (from Major Pratt), Mikey Mulcahy, Mitch Pailthorpe, Caleb Perry, Arum Rapchuk and Simon Szalkai. While players dropped from the roster include Harley Anderson, Josh Anderson, Anthony Barnes, Damon De Ryck, Isaac Norris, Imogen Perry, Anthony Santilli and Nick Scanlan.

Marcus Anderson
Nick Barnwell
Will Clifford
Matt De Beer
Liam Gepp
Alex Gracia
Thomas Kiliwnik
Mikey Mulcahy
– Mitch Pailthorpe
Conar Peace
Caleb Perry
Grady Perlin
Arum Rapchuk
Simon Szalkai
Lachlan Tripp
Ben Woodall

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