AJIHL news: 15 October 2017

Some further details on the 2017-18 season have been announced. All six teams from last season will return after the Sydney Sabres and Sydney Wolf Pack were confirmed. The competition will remain split into two conferences, Brisbane/Sydney and Adelaide/Melbourne/Perth. Each team will compete in a home and away round against the teams within their conference. Each round is expected to consist of three games. Still to be confirmed are the dates of Glaciers and Generals round in Melbourne, the venue for the Sydney v Brisbane rounds, which Sydney team the Blitz will face in each round and the Sydney v Sydney rounds. The finals weekend will see a final round of the regular season with teams competing in three games against the teams from the opposing conference. Assuming the same format as last season the top four will then proceed to the playoffs.

– Adelaide Generals v Melbourne Glaciers. 21-22 October, Adelaide Ice Arena
– Perth Sharks v Melbourne Glaciers. 9-10 December, Cockburn Ice Arena
– A Sydney team v Brisbane Blitz. 9-10 December, venue not confirmed
– A Sydney team v Brisbane Blitz. 16-17 December, venue not confirmed
– Perth Sharks v Adelaide Generals. 10-11 February, Cockburn Ice Arena and Xtreme Ice Arena
– Melbourne Glaciers v Perth Sharks. 18-19 February, O’Brien Group Arena
– Brisbane Blitz v A Sydney team. 24-25 February, Iceworld Boondall
– Adelaide Generals v Perth Sharks. 3-4 March, Adelaide Ice Arena
– Brisbane Blitz v A Sydney team. 10-11 March, Iceworld Boondall
– Finals: 15-18 March, O’Brien Group Arena

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