Thunder release 2016 roster

The Perth Thunder have announced their roster for the 2016 season.

Into the team are Jessyko Bernard (from Concordia University), Benjamin Breault (from Lyon), Zane Cunliffe, Michael Dorr (from Fife Flyers), Per Daniel Goransson (from Northern Vikings), Sean Hamilton (from Sydney Ice Dogs), Dale Harrop (from Canterbury Red Devils), Thomas Heemskerk (from Bentley Generals), David Mahood (from Perth Pelicans) and Eric Sewell (from Cockburn Blackhawks)

While dropped from the team are Luc Daigneault, Riccardo Del Basso, Kaden Goulds, Mark Guggenberger (to DVTK Jegesmedvék), Alex Hudson (to Louisiana IceGators), Greg Hyde, Toni Kluuskeri (to Narvik Hockey), Mitchell Levitt, David Ruck and Bradley Young

Head Coach: Dave Kenway
Assistants: Darin Bryce, Chris Kostopolous

4. Sam Wilson (C)
6. Dale Harrop
8. David Mahood (R)
10. Sean Hamilton
11. Zane Cunliffe (R)
12. Kieren Webster
15. Lynden Lodge
16. Jonathon Bremner
17. Liam Jeffries
19. Michael Dorr (I)
20. Eric Sewell (R)
21. Tomek Sak
23. Jordy Kyros (A)
24. Andrew Cox (A)
28. Jessyko Bernard (I)
36. Benjamin Breault (I)

2. Jamie Campbell (R)
5. Per Daniel Goransson
3. Rob Haselhurst
14. David Kudla
22. Anthony Nottle
25. Alastair Punler
27. Jamie Woodman

1. Mark Mccann
29. Daniel Wilkinson
33. Thomas Heemskerk (I)

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