Melbourne Ice Women 2017-18 roster

The Melbourne Ice have announced their roster for the upcoming 2017-18 AWIHL season. Into the team are Stephanie Bell, Hollie Bolton, Sarah Dash, Christina Dutton, Julia Gabrielson, Kim Lo, Georgia Moore, Jessica Pinkerton, Marnie Pullin, Ebony Rama, Katherine Sheurlein. While dropped from the roster are Ashlei Aparicio, Christine Cockerell, Emily Davis-Tope, Tytti Kyrölä and Emma Poynton

Gabby Aston
Stephanie Bell
Hollie Bolton
Isobel Cantrill
Georgia Carson
Sarah Dash (I)
– Christina Dutton
Shae Ganac
Nicole Jones
Christina Julien (I)
Eiland Kenyon
Kim Lo
Georgia Moore
Hope Newman
Rylie Padjen
Jessica Pinkerton (I)
Shona Powell
Marnie Pullin
Ebony Rama
Krystyn Raymundo
Katherine Sheurlein
Emma Steele
Kristelle Vanderwolf

Ruth Brophy
Jenelle Carson
Julia Gabrielson
Tara Woods

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