Sydney Bears 2019 roster

For the second year running the Sydney Bears haven’t bothered to release their team roster before the start of the season. So this roster has been pieced together from this weekends game lineup, the AIHL website’s team list and their player announcements. As a result the players signed and players lost may not be entirely accurate. Vlad Rubes also returns to the lineup despite it previously being announced that he had retired at the end of the 2018 season.

New players to the team include Lachlan Fahmy (South Shore Kings), Christian Fuschini, Danick Gauthier (Fife Flyers), William Lamoureux (Reach Rebels), Luke Moore, Timothy Newmark (Français Volants Paris), Jake Ratcliffe (Westfield State University), Taegan Rippon (Reach Rebels), Daniel Taylor and Justin Vienneau (La Roche sur Yon).

While dropped from the roster are Charlie Adams, Spencer Austin (CBR Brave), Anthony Barnes, Michael Burns, Etienne Du Toit, Kayne Fedor (Adelaide Tigers), Justin Harrison, Adam Kimbley (Penrith Raptors), Shai Rabinowitz (Marieville Red Knights), Tim Rye (Seahawks Hockey), Cameron Smith (Penrith Raptors), Chad Smith (Fife Flyers), Thomas Steven (Bellingham Blazers)* and Graeme Strukoff.

From yesterdays lineup
#2 Brian Funes
#8 Thomas Moncrieff
#10 Taegan Rippon
#11 Michael Schlamp
#12 Ryan Lough
#13 Joey Gunner
#16 Ryan Annesley
#20 Vladimir Rubes
#28 Anthony Kimlin
#39 Justin Vienneau
#71 Timothy Newmark
#77 Lachlan Fahmy
#80 William Lamoureux
#84 Adrian Esposito
#89 Alexander Wardlaw
#91 Jeremy Brücker
#97 Tyerell Clare

Other players listed on
#2 Aston Brookes
#8 Christian Fuschini
#9 Danick Gauthier
#11 Michael Haynes
#16 Luke Moore
#18 Jake Ratcliffe
#20 Gabe Robledo
#21 Fredrik Rozenberg
#24 Daniel Taylor
#25 James Urweiss
#26 Jeremy Vasquez

*Edit: Thomas Steven re-signed 23 April

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