Team North roster announced for 2019 AIHL All-Star Weekend

The Australian Ice Hockey League have released the roster for Team North ahead of the 2019 AIHL All-Star Weekend on 14 and 15 June.

Sammy Banga (Newcastle Northstars)
Ellesse Carini (Sydney Ice Dogs)
Matt Climie (CBR Brave)
Paul Crowder (Sydney Ice Dogs)
Tim Crowder (Sydney Ice Dogs)
Hayden Dawes (CBR Brave)
Jordan Draper (CBR Brave)
Francis Drolet (Newcastle Northstars)
Jesse Gabrielle (CBR Brave)
Danick Gauthier (Sydney Bears)
Anthony Kimlin (Sydney Bears)
Robert Malloy (Newcastle Northstars)
James Marino (Sydney Ice Dogs)
Dylan Quaile (Sydney Ice Dogs)
Michael Schlamp (C) (Sydney Bears)
Shane Southwood (Newcastle Northstars)
Tommy Steven (Sydney Bears)

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