Mustangs release 2016 roster

The Melbourne Mustangs have released the majority of their roster for the upcoming 2016 season. The teams remaining imports are expected to be announced in April. Into the team are Phillip Bakatsoulas,Luke Fisher, Darcy Flanagan (from Melbourne Glaciers), David Foster (from Melbourne Glaciers), Michael McMahon, Charlie Moore, Ryan Ruddle, Chris Slauenwhite (from Hamilton Steelhawks), Tommy Stevens, Samuel Stewart (from Melbourne Whalers), Byron Tschuma (from Melbourne Whalers). While dropped from the team are Drew Akins, Corey Banfield (to Pensacola Ice Flyers), Ethan Cornford (to Tottenham Steam), Andrew Fitzgerald, Viktor Gibbs Sjödin, Jeff Grant, Joseph Hughes, Vincent Hughes and Alan Moss

For more information see the announcement from the club.

Andrew Belic
Jamie Bourke
– Luke Fisher
Sean Jones
Brendan McDowell
Pat O’Kane (I)
Ryan Ruddle
– Tommy Stevens
Corey Stringer
Matt Stringer
Vadim Virjassov
Tom Voller

– Phillip Bakatsoulas
Steve Belic
Damian Bright
Jackson McCoy
Michael McDowell
– Michael McMahon
– Charlie Moore

Fraser Carson
Jack Hayes
Michael James
Chris Slauenwhite

Junior Development:
Darcy Flanagan
David Foster
Samuel Stewart
Byron Tschuma

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