Sydney Bears 2018 roster

The Sydney Bears roster has been pieced together from their player announcements and this weekends game lineup. It should look pretty much as follows.

New to the team are Charlie Adams (Pensacola Ice Flyers), Anthony Barnes (Brisbane Blitz), Aston Brookes (Skycity Stampede), Michael Burns, Joey Gunner (Sydney Wolf Pack), Michael Haynes (Reach Rebels), Ryan Lough (St. Lawrence University), Shai Rabinowitz, Gabriel Robledo (Sydney Sting), Fredrik Rosenberg (Sydney Sting), Cameron Smith (Sydney Sabres), Chad Smith (Fife Flyers), Thomas Steven (Melbourne Mustangs) and Graeme Strukoff (HC Detva)

Players dropped from the team include Saxon Air, Jackson Brewer, Slavomir Boris, Robert Covino, James Downie, Lachlan Fahmy, Tomas Landa, Lachlan McKenzie, Tyler Noseworthy, Luke Read, Joel Rhodes, Nick Rivait, Tim Rye, Richard Tesarik, Cameron Todd, Brent Vandenberg, Patrick Ward and Alexander Wardlaw

#28 Anthony Kimlin
#31 Aston Brookes
#55 Gabriel Robledo

#16 Ryan Annesley
#97 Tyerell Clare
#77 Graeme Strukoff (I)
Brian Funes

#7 Thomas Steven
#8 Thomas Moncrieff
#10 Fredrik Rosenberg
#11 Michael Schlamp (C)
#14 Joey Gunner
#19 Anthony Barnes
#20 Vladimir Rubes (A)
#21 Cameron Smith (I)
#37 Chad Smith (I)
#44 Shai Rabinowitz
#68 Michael Haynes
#71 Michael Burns
#91 Jeremy Brücker
Charlie Adams (I)
Adrian Esposito
Ryan Lough (I)
Jeremy Vasquez

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