2018 World Championship program announced

The locations and dates for the 2018 World Championship program have been announced with Ice Hockey Australia again entering a team in each category. A change to the Women’s World Championships which increased the number of teams in the top division has resulted in no relegation for 2018. As a result Australia will remain in the Division II Group A tournament.

Men’s (Division II Group A): Tilburg, Netherlands, 23-29 April 2018.
– Opponents: Netherlands, Serbia, Belgium, Iceland and China.
Men’s U20 (Division III): Sofia, Bulgaria, 22-28 January 2018.
– Opponents: China, Iceland, New Zealand, Israel and Bulgaria.
Men’s U18 (Division II Group A): Tallinn, Estonia, 1-7 April 2018.
– Opponents: Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Korea and Great Britain.
Women’s (Division II Group A): Bled, Slovenia, 7-13 April 2018.
– Opponents: Netherlands, Great Britain, North Korea, Slovenia and Mexico.
Women’s U18 (Division I Group B): Krynica, Poland, 6-12 January 2018.
– Opponents: France, Denmark, Poland, Great Britain and China.

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