2015 IIHF World Championship Dvision II Group A gets underway

The 2015 IIHF World Championship Dvision II Group A tournament starts today in Reykjavik, Iceland. Australia will face Belgium, Iceland, Romania, Serbia and Spain in the round-robin tournament which runs until 19 April. Australia’s first game is against Spain which starts today at 13:00 GMT.

Edit: Anthony Kimlin has withdrawn from the tournament with a torn MCL.

A live stream was available at IHI.is (see the IIHF page for game times)

For more information see the tournament page at IIHF.com or follow the team on their Facebook page.

Team Roster for Australia:

Player Pos Club
Paul Baranzelli D Melbourne Ice
Joshua Broekman G Newcastle North Stars
James Byers D CBR Brave
Wehebe Darge F Adelaide Adrenaline
David Dunwoodie F CBR Brave
Carson Fraser G Melbourne Mustangs
Brian Funes F Sydney Ice Dogs
Adam Geric F Newcastle North Stars
Joshua Harding D Adelaide Adrenaline
Mitchell Humphries F Melbourne Ice
David Huxley D Adelaide Adrenaline
Anthony Kimlin G Whitby Dunlops
Casey Kubara F Atlanta Knights
Jordan Kyros F Perth Thunder
Robert Malloy D Sydney Ice Dogs
Brendan McDowell F Melbourne Mustangs
Shannon McGregor D Sydney Ice Dogs
Austin McKenzie F Melbourne Ice
Greg Oddy F Adelaide Adrenaline
Thomas Powell F Melbourne Ice
Greg Sturrock D Melbourne Ice
Cameron Todd F Sydney Bears
Lliam Webster F Melbourne Ice

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