Melbourne Ice announce 2017 roster

The Ice have announced their roster for the upcoming 2017 season. New additions to the team are Kristoffer Backman, Jeremy Brown, Niklas Dahlberg, Dayne Davis, Kevin Dow, Darcy Flanagan, Viktor Gibbs Sjodin, Michael James and Sebastian Ottosson. While players dropped from the team are Troy Davenport, Andrew Erzen, Sam Hodic, Lasse Lassen, Nicholas Novysedlak, Brendan Oakes, Greg Sturrock and Chris Yule

Staff changes see Charles Franzen take over the role of head coach from Brent Laver who has moved into the position of junior development coach. Assistant coaches Steve Laforet and Glen Mayer have been dropped with former head coach Sandy Gardner coming in as their replacement.

#30 Dayne Davis
#31 Jaden Pine-Murphy
#36 Michael James

#11 Cass Delsar
#12 Tommy Powell
#16 Matt Armstrong
#18 Viktor Gibbs Sjodin (I)
#19 Chris Wong
#21 Joey Hughes
#23 Sebastian Ottosson (I)
#25 Mitchell Humphries
#28 Kristoffer Backman (I)
#57 Jason Baclig
#72 Jeremy Brown
#81 Austin McKenzie
#90 Robert Clark

#2 Lliam Webster
#3 Todd Graham
#15 Harrison Jaunozols
#17 Darcy Flanagan
#22 Marcus Wong
#27 Niklas Dahlberg (I)
#44 Kevin Dow
#46 Paul Baranzelli
#49 Bobby Lipsett
#64 Jack Carpenter

– Head Coach: Charles Franzen
– Assistant Coach: Sandy Gardner
– Goaltending Coach: Johan Steenberg
– Junior Development Coach: Brent Laver
– Team Manager: Tom Harward
– Equipment Manager: Cameron Charter
– On Ice Assistant: Nick Trusewicz
– Team Doctor: Peter Moore
– Head Trainer: James Meredith
– Athlete Performance Manager: James McConnell
– Massage Therapist: Laurie Jaques

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