Australian men’s roster for Victorian All-Stars games

Ice Hockey Australia have released the Australian men’s team roster for the upcoming exhibition series against the Victorian All-Stars. The two game series will be held on 15 and 16 February 2020 at the O’Brien Icehouse as part of the Icehouse’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Further information:
Roster announcement from Ice Hockey Australia
Ticket details

The roster features some different names compared to the recently released World Championship roster. This is mainly due to those players currently playing overseas. Players unavailable are Kale Costa, Hayden Dawes, Brian Funes, Casey Kubara, Robert Malloy, Beau Taylor and Cameron Todd. The three reserves named on the roster for the series are Jonathon Bremner, Liam Manwarring and Austin McKenzie.

Matt Armstrong (Melbourne Ice)
Jonathon Bremner (Melbourne Ice)
Zachary Boyle (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Wehebe Darge (CBR Brave)
Robert Haselhurst (Perth Thunder)
Anthony Kimlin (Sydney Bears)
Lynden Lodge (Perth Thunder)
Liam Manwarring (Newcastle Northstars)
Austin McKenzie (Melbourne Ice)
Michael McMahon (A) (Melbourne Mustangs)
Kai Miettinen (CBR Brave)
Thomas Powell (A) (Melbourne Ice)
Josef Rezek (Adelaide Adrenaline)
Charlie Smart (Newcastle Northstars)
Vadim Virjassov (Melbourne Mustangs)
Kieren Webster (Perth Thunder)
Lliam Webster (C) (Melbourne Ice)
Jamie Woodman (Perth Thunder)

– Head coach: Matti Luoma
– Assistant coach: Michael Flaherty
– Team manager: Ian Webster

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