CBR Brave 2018 roster

The CBR Brave have released their roster for the 2018 season.

New to the team are Channing Bresciani (University of Manitoba), Hayden Dawes (Lindenwood University), Darcy Flanagan (Melbourne Ice), Jake Doornbos (Sydney Wolf Pack), Trevor Gerling (Lions de Lyon), Per Daniel Göransson (Perth Thunder), Matt Hewitt (University of British Columbia), Joey Hughes (Melbourne Ice), Chris Leveille (Brampton Beast), David Lewis, Jayden Lewis (KaKiPo U20) and Ainars Podzins (Edinburgh Capitals)

While players dropped from the roster include Brian Bales, Corey Banks, Stephen Blunden, Dominic Jalbert, Toby Kubara, Tom Letki, Matti Luoma, Luke Philps, Jan Safar, Aleksi Toivonen and Geordie Wudrick

#29 Alex Tetreault
#31 Jake Doornbos
#92 Matt Hewitt

#4 Channing Bresciani
#6 Christopher McPhail
#7 Bayley Kubara
#12 Mark Rummukainen
#17 Jimmy Byers
#25 Matt Buskas
#26 Darcy Flanagan
#59 Per Daniel Göransson
#81 Matt Harvey

#3 Mitchell Henning
#9 Wehebe Darge
#11 David Lewis
#14 Jayden Lewis
#15 Casey Kubara
#16 Tyler Kubara
#19 Jordan Gavin
#20 Hayden Dawes
#21 Joey Hughes
#48 Chris Leveille
#64 Kai Miettinen
#66 Ainars Podzins
#71 Jordon Brunt
#78 Trevor Gerling

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